I love this sort of weather in Spring: bright, and brisk, and threatening rain any moment.

A mass of small white blossom on a spiky blackthorn bush against a deep blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

The blackthorn is now in full blossom.

Branches of blackthorn in blossom viewed from below against a deep blue sky.

The oaks are not yet in leaf, but the ivy is fresh and glossy.

Looking up into the crooked branches of an oak. The oak is still in bud, but the ivy climbing it has fresh green leaves. The sun lights up patches on the bark, illuminating moss.

Offham Hill, Lewes

A grassy path next to horse gallops, with jumps. Blue sky and bright sunshine. A grassy slope with a view back down the hill towards the town of Lewes. A bare tree in a hedgerow against a blue sky. A wood pigeon sits in the branches.

It must be Caturday!

A light orange Somali cat curled up on a bed with eyes closed but head up.

The Dance Your PhD competion entries are always fun, but this year’s winner is fabulous: youtu.be/RoSYO3fAp…

Blackthorn, just coming into bud, Birmingham

A branch of blackthorn with small pink flower buds starting to develop.

Bianca’s favourite spot to hang out at the moment.

A fluffy pale ginger cat sleeping on the corner of a desk.

Solo hornbeam, Birmingham.

A beautifully shaped hornbeam tree in a snowy park, with a deep blue sky above it.

Empty gallery, Hanbury Hall.

A view down a long empty gallery room. Winter light enters from windows on the left. The walls are painted a soft robin's egg blue colour, and there is a red sofa at the far end of the room.

Orchard, Hanbury Hall.

A winter scene of an orchard. An old apple tree can be seen in the gap between two dense hedges.

Bowling green shelter, Hanbury Hall.

A tranquil outdoor room with one side open to the outdoors. A simple wooden bench is placed in front of the soft pink rear wall, and there is a window with a green frame to the right of the photo.